Why RFPs Can Be a Routinely Flawed Process

31 Oct 2022


Your EDO needs a fresh online presence. You chose a creative agency. You send out an RFP. On the surface, this makes sense. If you want competitive bids, you need to solicit them. However, there are easier ways to get more information and better results. 

8 Reasons RFPs (Requests for Proposals) Can Be a “Routinely Flawed Process”

#1 RFPs Tend to Be Boilerplate

If your economic development organization is like most, everyone on your team is busy and has to wear many hats. You may be inclined to use an RFP template because you don’t have time to reinvent the wheel. However, that approach can lead to problems down the road. Templates don’t address specific needs with precision. Even if you customize a template or work from scratch, you’re still bound to be doing a certain amount of guesswork and making presumptions to define your needs and project scope in an RFP format.

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