There is a skilled and readily available workforce in San Juan County offering a significant advantage for businesses seeking to start or relocate in or to San Juan County. Many San Juan County employers further build on this workforce advantage by partnering with San Juan College’s Center for Workforce Development.

Employers will find a labor supply with experience in a variety of industry sectors. The area’s long energy production-related history including coal mining, electricity production and oil and natural gas result in a diverse set of work experiences that employers can apply across a broad range of manufacturing industries.

San Juan County’s businesses employ approximately 48,000 workers, with the largest sectors being health care at 17%, retail at 12% and mining, education and hotels/restaurants with 10% each. Like much of the rest of the nation, small businesses comprise the single largest portion of the region’s workforce, accounting for approximately 60% of the total employment. Most of these businesses involve 10 employees or less.

With employer-oriented institutions like San Juan College, San Juan County employers can easily make an affordable commitment to the continuous development of their workforce. With a median age of 34 for all employees and 43% of all workers under the age of 30, the workforce is capable and willing to apply that learning to its business environment.

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