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Aztec: Where the Southwest Meets the Rockies

Aztec, NM is literally at the crossroads of the American Southwest and the Rocky Mountains.  The city was platted in 1890 and incorporated in 1905 -- the same year the narrow gauge railroad came to town from Durango, CO.   Aztec is the county seat of San Juan County, NM.  Today it is home to 6,500 citizens and is the eastenmost city in San Juan County and all of 35 minutes from Durango, CO by car.

The city is home to Aztec Ruins National Monument located on the northern bank of the Animas River, one of the three rivers that come together in San Juan County. The city is well served by the Aztec Municipal School District.

The city is proud of its parks and opportunities to develop its outdoor recreation potential.  One of the items that is moving from the drawing boards to the contractors is the new North Main Development Project which will link the historic downtown through riparian cottonwood groves with Aztec Ruins National Monument at the end of the trail.

The city is working with the NW NM Council of Governments to develop an outdoor recreation manufacturing/retail facility.  It looks forward to housing and supporting companies that make things like river rafts, outdoor gear and other items that can be sold nationally but used locally right in the city limits.

Historic Downtown Aztec is the heart of Aztec!  Buildings reflect the pioneer spirit of early San Juan County and future plans call for the addition of new signage, restaurants, art galleries and other destination venues through a variety of public/private partnerships.  The city would love to meet you and show all that it has to offer!  Call the city and its community development director - Andrew DiCamillo at (505) 334-7605.