Building economically vibrant businesses and communities in the Four Corners Region through effective partnerships


Leading regional collaboration for a future of economic prosperity

Our Core Values:

  • Transparent accountability – We will be honest, open and ethical in all our economic development transactions, showing our investors the value they receive for their investments and being held accountable to meet our stated goals.
  • Clear communication – We will clearly share our intentions about economic development, the work we accomplish, the need for involvement by others and our appreciation for the organizations and people who are our stakeholders.
  • Uncompromising collaboration – We will build common ground for economic development, help create a sense of togetherness and strive always for success by promoting a sense of “regional community”.
  • Innovative leadership – We will be known as a flexible, proactive, pioneering organization that leads the way in searching for and rewarding new ideas for economic development.

Our Goals

Goal #1: Identify and develop strategic partnerships that deliver economic results.

  • Objective #1: Generate a list of current and potential partnerships that would strengthen economic development.
  • Objective #2: Develop an ambassador program to share economic development efforts, build trust, understand diverse economic cultures and strike down perceived barriers.
  • Objective #3: Implement the ambassador program to establish a partnership network and market the 4CED organization.

Goal #2: Strengthen governance and management to assure unity, accountability and operational excellence.

  • Objective #1: Create and implement a strategic plan with delineated measures of success.
  • Objective #2: Build and maintain a stable, effective board and organization through process-creation, board member recruitment and training.
  • Objective #3: Develop and utilize a staffing plan based on the current and future needs of the organization.
  • Objective #4: Initiate a fundraising plan that will assist the organization in maintaining stability and achieving its goals.
  • Objective #5: Establish a marketing plan that includes internal marketing to members and external marketing to other entities.

Goal #3: Pursue focused targets for recruiting, developing and expanding industries.

  • Objective #1: Identify and act on opportunities in target industries/businesses and explore possible value-added products for those businesses.
  • Objective #2: Promote the aesthetic appeal of the county.

Goal #4: Through identified partnerships, drive the preparation of a skilled workforce based on targeted industry needs.

  • Objective #1: Develop a targeted marketing plan to educate businesses about workforce development resources.
  • Objective #2: Establish a best-practiced set of workforce development metrics (KPIs) that demonstrates progress toward achieving the Workforce Capacity goal.
  • Objective #3: Determine the gap in workforce training currently being offered and connect workforce training opportunities with the needs of current/future employers.
  • Objective #4: Expand and sustain active participation and engagement of partners on the Workforce Capacity goal team.

Goal #5: Establish and sustain The comprehensive local economic database and asset map.

  • Objective #1: Create a process for collecting priority economic data and engage local organizations and businesses in creation of that process.
  • Objective #2: Utilize the collection process to gather the priority economic data.
  • Objective #3: Determine how to store the priority economic data.
  • Objective #4: Establish the appropriate formats for presentation of the data and education of local and regional businesses and organizations.
  • Objective #5: Measure and evaluate the success of the collection and distribution of priority economic data.


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Goal #1: Partnerships / Relationships

Cultivate  business relationships, develop regional partnerships, and catalyze Business Retention and Expansion projects.

  1. Cultivate relationships with existing businesses.
  2. Develop regional partnerships with other economic development entities in the area.
  3. Oversee and analyze the work of the BRE task forces.

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Goal #2: Organizational Development / Effectiveness

Strengthen knowledge, governance, and finances to assure unity, accountability, and operational excellence.

  1. Initiate a series of economic development trainings for 4CED board members, 4CED members, and community members.
  2. Build and maintain a stable, effective organization and its boards.
  3. Develop a source of funding to provide organizational stability.


Goal #3: Targeted Industries

Pursue focused targets for recruiting, developing, and expanding industries.

  1. Analyze how asset map can be created and executed.
  2. Utilize the asset map to determine targeted industries.
  3. Create a project plan for pursuing targeted industries.
  4. Clarify the intersect on targeted industries between 4CED and other EDOs.
  5. Determine the viability of the Five Initiatives Projects with Navajo Nation and pursue projects that have merit.


Goal #4: Workforce Capacity

Through identified partnerships, drive the preparation of a skilled workforce based on targeted industry needs.

  1. Determine the gap in workforce training  between what is currently being offered and what is needed.
  2. Create and connect workforce training opportunities with the needs of employers.
  3. Create a “rapid response process model” for workers about to be displaced.
  4. Work with county public schools and San Juan College to connect their pathways to careers for location-neutral IT jobs.


Goal #5: Data Analysis / Marketing

Establish  brand identity and sustain The comprehensive economic database and asset map.

  1. Establish and manage a marketing plan for brand Identity and to promote business retention, expansion, and attraction. 
  2. Train users on how to manipulate the database and track their use of that data.
  3. Establish and sustain an initial working asset map to support the work of Goal Teams #3 and #4.

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