Welcome to Farmington, New Mexico... an energetic community.  With a sunny, mild climate, a vibrant economy, and endless outdoor activities, Farmington is the perfect place to live, work and play.  Check us out, then give us a call... we would love to bring you, your family, and your business to beautiful San Juan County.

ViewPoint Videos

Now that you're here,  take a look at the other videos in the ViewPoint series on Farmington and San Juan County.  They are found here on the Four Corners Economic Development (4CED) YouTube channel. (Photographic acknowledgements on the ViewPoint videos to Jonathon Bacon - contributing photographer and Chris Hunter – contributing photographer.)

Business Opportunties in San Juan County

To learn more about doing business in San Juan County, 4CED is just the spot to find out. Click here.


Retirement in your future?  San Juan County and Farmington may be just the place.  Click here to learn more about the possibilities.

Other Links

Here are other links below you’ll find of interest in learning more about San Juan County and Farmington:

San Juan County with some of NM's lowest property tax rates and friendly business climate.

San Juan College with learning opportunities for all including the Encore program for seniors.

The Farmington Convention and Visitors Bureau is a great website to check out for learning about all the great things to do around Farmington and San Juan County.

A vital center of commerce for Farmington and San Juan County business is the Farmington Chamber of Commerce.  Here’s their website.

San Juan Regional is San Juan County’s community owned hospital!  The hospital and associated clinics provide best-practiced care to all and offers a full range of healthcare services.  Click here to learn more.

To learn more about energy and energy in San Juan County, George Sharpe, an engineer at Merrion Oil & Gas in Farmington, NM, has created a series of fun and educational videos. Click here to catch George’s YouTube playlist.