Farmington will install new sculptures downtown

5 May 2024


When the city of Farmington launched its downtown sculpture program last spring, one of the stated goals of the initiative was to generate public interest in the artwork that would possibly lead to the pieces being purchased by members of the public, thus generating sales for the participating artist and a commission for the city.

As it turns out, the city wound up being its best — and only — customer for the program.

A total of 11 new sculptures will be installed at locations throughout downtown Farmington on Thursday, May 9 and Friday, May 10 to replace the nine works that were included in the first year of the program. While none of those nine sculptures were purchased by the public, four of them have been bought by the City of Farmington and will be displayed at various sites around the city in the future, according to Karen Lupton, the city’s Main Street coordinator and economic development specialist.

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