Innovating New Mexico's Startups: A Call for Collaboration and Change

27 Nov 2023


New Mexico is on the brink of a transformative era in its business ecosystem. However, to truly harness this potential, we must address some critical challenges and embrace key principles that will shape our future. Organizations like NM Angels have, and will continue to be, instrumental in this journey, but there’s more to be done.

One of the foundational principles that can drive New Mexico’s growth is the ethos of collaboration over competition. In a world where resources are finite, collaboration ensures that startups and established businesses alike can pool their strengths, share knowledge and drive mutual growth. This collaborative spirit is especially crucial given the current shortage of operators in our ecosystem. By working together, we can bridge this gap and ensure that every startup has the operational expertise it needs to thrive.

The face of entrepreneurship and venture capital is changing, and New Mexico must be at the forefront of this evolution. We need to bring diverse entrepreneurs and venture capitalists to the table to shape our evolving startup ecosystem. Their unique perspectives, experiences, and insights will be invaluable in crafting a more inclusive and dynamic business landscape.

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