What Housing Leader D3G Has Learned From Working on 3,000+ Projects Per Year

23 May 2022


If you’re looking to tackle housing shortages in your community, especially in affordable and workforce housing, D3G is probably one of the best companies to learn from. The company works on over 3,000 housing projects per year. Their work ranges from strategic planning to helping communities secure grant dollars to feasibility studies, and environmental and engineering services. They work with developers and housing agencies throughout the country in rural, suburban, and urban settings. Their CEO also serves on the advisory board for the Fed in Atlanta and regularly speaks to federal officials about housing policy. To make sure that our economic development clients can learn from their insights we invited D3G to host a webinar and are partnering with them to ensure economic developers have access to their tools and strategic guidance. To learn more, contact John Marshall, President of Golden Shovel Agency. 

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