Kinetic Power

PO Box 32482 • Santa Fe, NM 87506
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Kinetic Power is developing a portfolio of ultra-long duration pumped storage hydro (PSH) projects in the Southwest. Company founders Tracy Livingston and Thomas Conroy have a combined 50 years of senior experience in the power generation equipment and project development sectors. Their generation expertise encompasses coal, crude oil, bunker C, wind, and solar power plants. They innovated the “Space Frame (Wind Turbine) Tower” and successfully sold it to GE in 2011.

Kinetic Power recognizes that large-capacity ultra-long duration energy storage (measured in days to weeks) is required to cost effectively and reliably decarbonize our electricity generation system. The only currently mature technology with these characteristics is pumped storage hydro. The Beclabito Energy Storage Center is the company’s initial portfolio project and is located in San Juan County, N.M. and Apache County, AZ.